My deepest sympathies for Catholics:

Pope Francis has said the coronavirus pandemic is one of “nature’s responses” to humans ignoring the current ecological crisis.

It’s deeply deranged in the vein of “Hurricane Katrina is a punishment for gayness.”

3 thoughts on “Sympathies”

  1. My sense is that it’s actually true. With global warming, filthy agriculture, etc., it’s hard not to have these disease waves. Also old viruses can get unfrozen, all sorts of things can get out of balance and release or create who knows what.


  2. // Viruses can be expected to increase with global warming as humans and wild animals are forced into closer contact, a leading Israeli epidemiologist said Monday, as the world battled a pandemic that seemed potentially more dangerous than any other infectious disease in a century.

    In 2009, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) launched PREDICT to strengthen the world’s ability to detect and act to limit the potential for zoonotic viruses — those passing from animals to humans — with pandemic potential.

    Researchers found that “nearly 75 percent of all new, emerging, or re-emerging diseases affecting humans at the beginning of the 21st century are zoonotic.”

    Scientists already know that the ranges of mosquitoes — carriers of malaria — are expanding as the world warms.


  3. From memory, it is expected that at current rates of interest from the younger generation, there will be something like 80% fewer Roman Catholics in 20 years or so. That should explain why such things as climate change, sexuality, aliens etc are being spoken of.


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