What’s Your COVID Poison?

The weekend is almost here, so it’s appropriate to ask: what’s your substance of choice in quarantine?

I’m staying sane thanks to Bissinger’s chocolates and San Pellegrino Pomegranate and Black Currant fizzies.

Lost in Translation

New York Times is fretting that “Trump’s erratic daily briefings” are hurting his chances of being reelected. Translation: Trump is using the briefings to his maximum advantage and NYTimes is terrified.

I wonder how long it will take the NYTimes to realize that using the word “erratic” in a race between Biden and anybody else is not very good for Biden.

Virus News

I’ve been asked where I get my COVID news.

I haven’t been watching any news coverage on TV at all and avoid newspapers or websites. I’m with my kid and trying to work, so it’s simply not on to be watching discussions of death counts all day.

Instead, I started a separate Twitter feed where I put only people who have a professional understanding of what is going on. No weeping and wailing, no “human interest” stories, just projections and numbers. About one third of the feed understands viruses, another third is good on statistical modeling, and the last third is good on the economy.

It’s very enlightening. Getting COVID news this way also makes it clear that NYTimes, WashPo, Bloomberg and Co peddle the hoariest propaganda without even trying to conceal it.

COVID: Wrong Arguments

Also, on the subject of “IHME changed its projections because quarantines were instituted and these measures worked:”

IHME’s projections that keep dropping off a cliff were done taking into account the quarantine and everybody observing social distancing:

This is the projection that was changed (once again) yesterday and brought the projected peak to the day after tomorrow and the projected number of deaths from 140,000 to 60,000. Initially, IHME went down from 140,000 to 90,000. Then, it went down some more. (I’m not discussing the fantasies about 30 million dead because these were never part of models developed by scholars at a respectable institution.)

Once again: the projection was always based on FULL social distancing being observed.

I recommend following IHME’s Twitter feed. They post the new projections as soon as they come in. People are now going to change the narrative about what really happened. The only way to resist the brainwashing is to check the actual data.

Unemployment Numbers

The unemployment numbers came in, and 16,600,000 million people (not counting the gig workers who aren’t entitled to unemployment benefits) lost their jobs in the three weeks of the lockdown.

In the meantime, every mass media and every wokescold is trying to bully us into pretending that China had nothing to do with the virus. Yesterday the NYTimes pushed a really weird story about how COVID came to the US from Europe.