Virus News

I’ve been asked where I get my COVID news.

I haven’t been watching any news coverage on TV at all and avoid newspapers or websites. I’m with my kid and trying to work, so it’s simply not on to be watching discussions of death counts all day.

Instead, I started a separate Twitter feed where I put only people who have a professional understanding of what is going on. No weeping and wailing, no “human interest” stories, just projections and numbers. About one third of the feed understands viruses, another third is good on statistical modeling, and the last third is good on the economy.

It’s very enlightening. Getting COVID news this way also makes it clear that NYTimes, WashPo, Bloomberg and Co peddle the hoariest propaganda without even trying to conceal it.

6 thoughts on “Virus News”

  1. Yes to cliff! It would’ve been a great present to your readers on those “isolated” times.
    I am especially interested in “good on the economy” bloggers and, without connection to the virus, in good bloggers you’ve found and enjoy to read.


  2. Very good idea. News are terrible on a good day, now with the coronavirus the amount of fear mongering and personal tragic stories put out is ridiculous. You’ve also got people with no background in health or hard science writing authoritative articles like they know what they are talking about.


  3. I also recommend avoiding most news outlets. I check Polish news a few minutes in the morning, sometime after 18.00 and then before going to bed but very superficially and I don’t take any of it at face value…


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