What’s Your COVID Poison?

The weekend is almost here, so it’s appropriate to ask: what’s your substance of choice in quarantine?

I’m staying sane thanks to Bissinger’s chocolates and San Pellegrino Pomegranate and Black Currant fizzies.

10 thoughts on “What’s Your COVID Poison?”

  1. 12 oz. can of Dr. Pepper (2x per day, no change with the pandemic), 12 oz. can of Diet Coke (2x per day, no change), Arizona tap water per thirst because Walmart’s delivery of my usual bottled Arrowhead Sparkling Water is “delayed” (a definite change — the system water out here is so hard that I can walk across my swimming pool, and it tastes accordingly), finally a couple nocturnal drinks of vodka. ( Somehow the liquor store still manages to deliver in 2 days).

    I’m an old man on a pension, not rich enough to afford Bissinger or San Pellegrino products.


  2. Dark chocolate that is about to end, and tea that thankfully is abundant.

    Zero Coca Cola too when it’s hot, but now it’s raining. Unlike you, I love summer despite Israeli temperatures, but when I am prevented from going out anyway and don’t have to travel to work, the sound of rain is soothing and even air seems fresher.

    I’ve been waiting till we pass this number and it happened this morning: “Israel’s confirmed coronavirus cases surpass 10,000
    Deaths from COVID-19 have also risen to 93, with 164 in serious condition, out of which 125 are connected to ventilators”


  3. Have you heard of this attack on women’s rights under the guise of coronavirus? As Dreher notes at the end, elections do matter. Mike asked why should he vote for Biden, a Democratic rapist, to prevent Trump, a Republican one, from winning. Here is one example.

    // A three-judge panel of the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld yesterday the Texas ban on elective abortions during the coronavirus state of emergency.

    Texas says that order entails elective abortions, meaning that non-elective abortions — abortion procedures not necessary to save the life of the mother — are banned temporarily, until the emergency passes. The plaintiffs suing Texas claimed that this is an infringement on the constitutional right to an abortion.

    Interestingly, the two judges who votes in the majority are Republican appointees (Trump’s, in the case of Duncan, and G.W. Bush’s, in the case of Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod); the dissenting judge is a Clinton appointee. Elections matter.



      1. But we are going to continue buying it – both the mineral water and the sweet fizzy stuff, except our favorite is blood orange one.


  4. I thought you were just continuing with keto and getting the meat euphorias. No?

    I’m a creature of habit so I drink my coffee, which I prepare in my idiosyncratic way. Instead of drinking one cup, I drink two.

    I have a giant bottle of Deep Eddy Ruby Red I received as a gift, but it’s too sweet.


    1. It’s impossible to do keto during the Great Lent. It’s all carbs and I’m puffing up like a balloon. I can’t wait for this to end because I’m working out for 3 hours daily just to kind of maintain my weight.

      The euphorias have continued though. So now I know it’s not the keto diet.


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