It looks like Texas will be reopening next week.

Fingers crossed! If it goes well for them, we can all hope to get there soon.

We Need Anti-body Testing

Obviously, this is just one place but it’s clear that anti-body testing is a huge priority:

A phlebotomist working at Roseland Community Hospital said Thursday that 30% to 50% of patients tested for the coronavirus have antibodies while only around 10% to 20% of those tested have the active virus.

See more here.

COVID: Ignoring the Evidence

Here are medical supplies China is sending (this time to France):

Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) tweeted at 10:42 PM on Thu, Apr 09, 2020:
Medical clothing sent from China has just arrived in France.

The testing kits and masks they’ve been sending all over the world are worse.

We all know that stuff made in China is often low-quality. But this is beyond that. This is sabotage.

If you’ve followed the media in the past few weeks, I’m sure you’ve seen numerous articles praising China for its desire to help and absolving it of every responsibility for the virus. They have studiously ignored a mountain of evidence like this.

Partisan Takes on COVID

It’s very difficult to find information on COVID because the coverage in the US is extremely partisan.

For example. Somebody mentioned Sweden in the comments. What’s going on in Sweden? They are using a different method but does it work?

Trying to get a sense of what’s happening in Sweden but so far am seeing only the obvious partisan takes. From the right wing National Review:

From Time magazine, the more left wing view:

“The truth is nobody knows which strategy – Sweden’s or the UK’s – is best for dealing with COVID-19.”

It’s impossible to figure out anything from this coverage beyond how the authors feel about Trump. And we already know how they feel because they have spent five years telling us absolutely nothing but that.

And this is just one example.

Sticky Books

There are books that I call sticky. You touch them and that’s it, you are glued. Until the book is finished, it won’t let you go. Forget work, forget life, I’m stuck to the book and I can’t get out.

And if the book is 672 pages long and written in the densest Mexican slang, it can take a long time to get unstuck.

I’m reading the winner of the Alfaguara Prize for 2020, Guillermo Arriaga’s Salvar el fuego. If you’ve seen Amores perros, 21 Grams, The Burning Plain – he’s the screenwriter and sometimes director. I never had any interest in him as an author because the movies are a bit ordinary. But I read the novel because it’s got the prize, and it’s made of crazy glue.

I’m only half in, so this isn’t a review but Lord in heaven, I hope nobody tries to turn this very good novel into a movie.

And now excuse me, I’ve got a book to fall into.