COVID Chart of the Day

I don’t know if everybody has seen this but just in case:

8 thoughts on “COVID Chart of the Day”

      1. Maybe there is more than one point? To me it just shows the potential for better understanding of the situation.

        If in 2020 you’re worried about analytics and tracking while still using a smartphone with Google services, then you’re just swimming against the current.


    1. If you have a flip phone bought before 2015, the definitely. But if you have a smartphone or even a newer flipper… it’s more complicated.

      But that’s not even the point. It’s like exit polls during elections. You don’t need to ask every single person to see the trend.


    2. Unless you are behind a VPN running some type of anti-canvassing fingerprinting software, you are definitely being tracked. Just by being on this website (WordPress) you’re giving data to Google and Facebook.


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