COVID: Ignoring the Evidence

Here are medical supplies China is sending (this time to France):

Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) tweeted at 10:42 PM on Thu, Apr 09, 2020:
Medical clothing sent from China has just arrived in France.

The testing kits and masks they’ve been sending all over the world are worse.

We all know that stuff made in China is often low-quality. But this is beyond that. This is sabotage.

If you’ve followed the media in the past few weeks, I’m sure you’ve seen numerous articles praising China for its desire to help and absolving it of every responsibility for the virus. They have studiously ignored a mountain of evidence like this.

9 thoughts on “COVID: Ignoring the Evidence”

  1. If anything good comes out of this, perhaps we’ll be seeing the whole world adopt the attitude that China’s immediate neighbors already have: “Made in China” is synonymous with “piece of crap” and Chinese merchandise, particularly toiletries and comestibles, is viewed with suspicion.

    One of my friends in Viet Nam runs a profitable side-business selling baby formula imported from Japan. Most of what’s available in VN retail outlets is made in China, but everyone knows it’s a gamble: that sometimes a batch is contaminated with melamine, or some other poison or pathogen, and you won’t find out about it until after your baby is dead or has permanent kidney damage or something. “Trung hoa” (Chinese) is an epithet for anything that is cheap, shoddy.


      1. The signs are already there for state level actors attempting regime change. Too long to explain wantonly. So far they’re down 30 million to 40 million jobs. Added to that is their ongoing COVID19 problem which is still rampant, plus various countries pressuring or incentivizing their companies to pull out of China, plus adjacent countries banning rice export.

        So while you’re right, it seems likely that apathetic Chinese become less so due to hunger and deprivation before too long. By my reckoning, it should start in less than half a year.


  2. “We all know that stuff made in China is often low-quality. But this is beyond that. This is sabotage.”

    And you say this on what basis…?

    Just a week or two ago, Chinese medical aid to Europe was about angling for a geopolitical foothold there. But now China is supposedly deliberately sabotaging medical aid to Europe! Who put this idea in your head, and why?


      1. May I point out that we don’t even know the source of the video? The tweeter is a Chinese-Malaysian Gamergate veteran who is somehow also a “managing editor” at a Daily-Caller-like website incorporated in Washington DC, not someone who naturally has a connection to the French medical community. But he does us the disfavor of not telling us where he got the video from. For all we know, it’s a made-in-France fake (France is buying hundreds of millions of Chinese facemasks) that is now being passed around by China’s enemies in the rest of the world, who are spending billions in order to subvert, resist, and beat back the rise of China.


        1. If you aren’t talking about “China’s enemies who subvert the rise of China” ironically…. then I’m not sure this is a great platform for you.

          China is a totalitarian regime. It’s a horrible place where people are stupidly obedient to a disgusting totalitarian government. If you can’t see that or want to debate that, you have my compassion.


          1. A friend in France has confirmed the authenticity of the video. But:

            “The official told French station 20 Minutes that the probe had concluded the gowns degraded after being stored in a ‘too humid environment’, with evidence of water damage on the boxes.

            “They denied that the supplies had been bought recently from China, saying they were part of France’s national stockpile that was put together before the coronavirus crisis began.”


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