COVID Update of the Day

Army field hospital for Covid-19 surge leaves Seattle after 9 days. It never saw a patient

Here’s the whole article.

5 thoughts on “COVID Update of the Day”

  1. Two points: (1) good that there are not so many Covid 19 cases; (2) we may have over-reacted, but will never know.


    1. I think what’s important is not to judge what was done – everybody did the best they could with the information they had – but to start changing our behavior as the new information comes in. It does look like relaxing the quarantine in many places might make sense.


      1. ” relaxing the quarantine ”

        Well in Poland a month and a week after the first confirmed case the number of cases has increased steadily (but there hasn’t been any kind of exponential growth) and currently there’s just under 6000 confirmed cases and just under 200 deaths and some relaxation of some restrictions has been announced with a few additional ones (face covering in public will be required) and a tentative date for classes to resume (April 27).


        1. I can see face covering in public becoming mandatory in public places. Most people (myself included) are just starting to realize the incredible distance that droplets can travel from a simple sneeze or cough. Coupled with the relatively high R0 of this virus, I just don’t see how else you can avoid another massive outbreak while still permitting public gathering.


    2. Better to overreact than underreact.

      This pandemic will be studied like none before and the amount of data that has been gathered to study it will be unprecedented. I think we will have a good idea of how the different measures performed. For sure we will see spikes in mortality that can be compared with previous years to get a sense of the death rate increase and correlate it with measures taken during the pandemic.


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