Partisan Takes on COVID

It’s very difficult to find information on COVID because the coverage in the US is extremely partisan.

For example. Somebody mentioned Sweden in the comments. What’s going on in Sweden? They are using a different method but does it work?

Trying to get a sense of what’s happening in Sweden but so far am seeing only the obvious partisan takes. From the right wing National Review:

From Time magazine, the more left wing view:

“The truth is nobody knows which strategy – Sweden’s or the UK’s – is best for dealing with COVID-19.”

It’s impossible to figure out anything from this coverage beyond how the authors feel about Trump. And we already know how they feel because they have spent five years telling us absolutely nothing but that.

And this is just one example.

4 thoughts on “Partisan Takes on COVID”

  1. Your frustration with the absence of professional standards, or even intellectual curiosity, in today’s media actually understates how really badly we are being served.

    But there is another problem in assessing national case studies like Sweden – nobody has a good handle on what proportion of national populations have been infected and have antibodies. Until we see that all we are stuck with scolding daily press conferences about projections based on other projections of what might or might not have happened elsewhere.


  2. National Review actually has about the most balanced approach to Trump you could find. They famously published an entire “Never Trump” issue, but Unlike the MSM, they’re willing to admit when he does something right, and they’re willing to criticize Dems too.


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