When Did COVID Come to CA?

It seems very likely that the reason why California is doing so much better than New York on coronavirus has nothing to do with a good tsar (mayor, governor, whatever). California might have had the virus much earlier and developed immunity by now.

Folks, I personally know 3 people who came back from California extremely sick with COVID-like symptoms in December – early January. Obviously, it’s very anecdotal. But look at the article at the link. It’s in the LA Times.

8 thoughts on “When Did COVID Come to CA?”

  1. My middle son and I had a really bad flulike virus at the beginning of February. This was just a few days after I had lunch with my whole research group to say farewell to someone. At that point, plenty of people had just come back from winter break (including my undergraduate from China, who was apparently sick with something flulike himself before he came back to the US). One of my grad students and I fell ill at the time, and my son did, too. It was a very weird “flu” in that it was all fever, over 102 for both of us, and coughing. It lasted for nearly a week. Over the next several weeks, everyone else in my research group got it.

    There was no vomiting, which for me is classic flu. Just fever and dry cough. I am otherwise rarely ill (hadn’t had the flu in fifteen years), and so is my middle son. He’s the sturdiest of my offspring.

    My husband and youngest son were unaffected. A few weeks before all this, the two of them had what I would characterize as a much more typical flu (fever, vomiting, body aches), which my middle son and I didn’t get.


  2. My wife had weird and very bad flu as early as in the beginning of January (and I did not, or maybe just a hint). If something like that happened these days, symptoms would match reasonably well and coronavirus would be the first suspect. We got it from our Greek friends, who did not travel anywhere because they have a small child. So they got it somewhere in Montreal… and they had it at around Christmas.
    I do hope that there are a lot more people with antibodies than we think. But, on the other hand, my intuition about percolation theory (ask N, or google) tells me that the virus should not be spreading as it is spreading now in some areas if significant fraction of the population were already immune. Just mathematical intuition, I have not done any modeling… If it died in Montreal in January without any California sun, why didn’t it die in NYC at about the same time?..


  3. CA government did have a better response, and people in CA are healthier, even the less well off. I do think I got the virus from a plane that I got on there, but that for all I know came from China (they come in to Seattle and SF from China all the time), and I think it was the virus, and I didn’t really get a fever but then I rarely do even when I am supposed to, and I didn’t have outright shortness of breath but I had days where I felt as though I had altitude sickness, which is lack of oxygen, so my claim is, I’ve had it. BUT apparently this doesn’t create enough antibodies, people are still getting reinfected. I finally felt really well about April 1, it was about a month of being really sick (although I dragged myself to work, having tried to get tested and diagnosed and being told it was nothing), a month of being somewhat sick, and a month of convalescence.


    1. Four people. I know four people including you who had these symptoms.

      Back when you kept saying you had this weird illness that wouldn’t go away, it felt so strange because I have a friend here in town who was having identical symptoms to yours at that same time. I never thought of this connection but she had traveled to Cali for New Year’s.


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