Evidence Is Mounting

Contemporaneous disclosure is one of the most reliable signs that an allegation is true:

There was absolutely nothing of the kind in the Blasey Ford allegations. Yet people lost their shit over how they believed her. I’m eagerly waiting for those same people to start giving a crap about Tara Reade.

We Are Sheep

That they have the gall to write this – after Kavanaugh, after the “grab them by the pussy” video, after three years of #MeToo braying – shows they think we are stupid cattle. And we probably are because we let this happen.

We heard endlessly that saying “I’m a celebrity so women let me grab them by the pussy” is a rape confession. But now all of a sudden non-consensual touching and a rape allegation aren’t evidence of sexual misconduct.

Big Brother Is on the Case

As of April 10th and since March 24th, police across #Maryland had conducted 17,327 compliance checks, responded to 1,352 calls for service related to compliance with the Executive Order of
and arrested/charged 34 people for violation of that order.

Baltimore has murder rates that are often worse than Tijuana’s. But the Maryland police has found something more important to worry about.

Imaginative Exercise

Now, let’s engage in a little imaginative exercise.

Is it possible that in order to stay open a hospital might be more eager to classify more deaths as COVID? Every COVID case brings federal money, so when a patient shows up with a heart attack and tests positive for asymptomatic COVID, there might be an incentive to class him as a COVID patient and not a heart patient.

Maybe not a single administrator will be tempted. Or maybe they will.

COVID Link of the Day

Here is a list and the details of 80 hospitals that are furloughing workers because of inflated COVID numbers.

The hospitals are going broke because they cancelled all procedures they could in the expectation of a flood of COVID patients. The flood never came, and the hospitals are going broke.

We were afraid of overstraining the healthcare system and ended up under-straining it.

This whole lockdown is aimed at saving the healthcare system. And we are doing the exact opposite. Time to call for easing – not cancellation but easing – of restrictions. IHME made a mistake AND RECOGNIZED IT. Let’s recognize we chose a response based on this mistake and it proved to be wrong.

Drive-through Coffee

The reason why people sit in their cars for 30 minutes waiting to buy coffee at a drive-through is not that they don’t know how to make coffee at home.

They simply want to feel like themselves again, and nothing restores a sense of normalcy like getting coffee on your way to work.

Even if there’s no work, at least there’s coffee.