Evidence Is Mounting

Contemporaneous disclosure is one of the most reliable signs that an allegation is true:

There was absolutely nothing of the kind in the Blasey Ford allegations. Yet people lost their shit over how they believed her. I’m eagerly waiting for those same people to start giving a crap about Tara Reade.

5 thoughts on “Evidence Is Mounting”

  1. “I’m eagerly waiting for those same people to start giving a crap about Tara Reade”

    And to think you were complaining that no one does class-based analysis anymore…

    Mouse-voice-lady was accusing a conservative nominated by Trump and therefore, by extension, Trump. She was asserting her class (Professional-managerial, hereinafter PMC) interests and people supported her to assert theirs.

    Tara Reade is accusing the chosen champion of the PMC, working both against her class and subverting its interests and to support her is class betrayal and she’s aligning with the people the PMC are supposed to keep in line.


  2. I believe her. This is one of many reasons why Biden should not be the nominee. I am really tired of leadership that has sexual assault on its resume. 😑


  3. I believe her. But I wasn’t one of the people on the “crucify Kavanaugh” bandwagon. I was willing to hear Ford out, but in the end did not find her credible at all.

    If Reade suddenly has a zillion-dollar book advance for a book that’ll never sell more than ten copies, I’ll find her less credible too… but at the same time, there’s SO MUCH video of Biden behaving inappropriately with women (and underage girls!), I’ve watched that whole interminable CSPAN new-senator swearing-in ceremony from when Biden was VP, and it is cringeworthy. The guy has some kind of dominance fetish, like “I’m the VP, I’m going to feel up your women right here, in public, where you can’t do anything about it, and make sure you know how helpless you are.” It is seriously disturbing. I remember thinking at the time, that it would be an absolute miracle if this guy, who’s so brazen in front of cameras and crowds, had not done worse things when there were no witnesses. He gives the impression of… someone who has no natural dominance, always resented the guys who did, and got real power by kissing arse and shady dealing, and is now in position to lord it over the men he’s always been jealous of?

    If you ever have the time to waste on that CSPAN vid, though, the one bright moment to watch for is Senator Lankford, the redheaded guy from Oklahoma. He’s the only real man on screen, and the interaction is fascinating. Biden doesn’t get to feel up his wife and kids, because Lankford aggressively doesn’t allow it.


    1. ” The guy has some kind of dominance fetish”

      A couple of years ago I watched a body language analysis of some function that he was taking part in and that was exactly a big part of it, feeling up children (who were clearly uncomfortable with him) in front of their parents in a way that sent the message ‘you can’t do anything about it!’


      1. I’m glad it’s not just me! It’s like the no-clothes-emperor story, except in this version, the emperor knows perfectly well he’s buck naked, and enjoys strutting around showing off his lardy arse and forcing everyone to lie about what great clothes he’s wearing.

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