Help Local Restaurants

If you are ordering carryout to support your local restaurants, please order directly and not through apps like GrubHub, DoorDash or UberEats (or others). The apps eat up all the profit in humongous commission percentages.

2 thoughts on “Help Local Restaurants”

  1. I personally think that the best way to help any kind of food business right now is to help them network and database people in the community so that everyone may be educated about banking & finance. The reason that I think this is because restaurants and food businesses of any kind are very fragile, frequently low margin, and risky.

    So, unless the risk is brought down via an understanding of financing (and state intervention, probably) the whole industry will remain structurally compromised well beyond any take away model to remedy.

    I mean, since the industry employs about 15% of the US population (from memory) it may turn out to be that the food business may underpin alternative currencies in the end. Who knows đŸ™‚


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