We Are Sheep

That they have the gall to write this – after Kavanaugh, after the “grab them by the pussy” video, after three years of #MeToo braying – shows they think we are stupid cattle. And we probably are because we let this happen.

We heard endlessly that saying “I’m a celebrity so women let me grab them by the pussy” is a rape confession. But now all of a sudden non-consensual touching and a rape allegation aren’t evidence of sexual misconduct.

15 thoughts on “We Are Sheep”

  1. At least Rose McGowan, however crazy she is, is consistent.

    Instinct says “rules are for people who don’t agree with me”. It is only massive cultural/religious conditioning that gets people to accept things like “the law should apply equally to everyone”. Pretty sure our cultural inculcation process has failed miserably the last couple of generations. Not sure if that can be fixed. Bleak future without it, though.


      1. Haha, yes. Alas, our priest is not going to be available for blessing baskets, even drive-thru style 😦 Though if the local Slavic contingent finds out where he lives, he may have to do it anyway. Last year, while he was locking up, in the wee small hours after the big midnight service, carloads of tipsy Slavs arrived with their baskets and kulich to be blessed, and he tried to explain that the service was over, everyone was gone, and it was time to go home– they got quite belligerent about it, so he unlocked the doors and went back in for a second round of basket-blessing, to avoid violence. Those folks are serious about their Pascha baskets! We will still be cooking sausage and baking cheesecake, and we have procured the nice butter for the occasion… but it’s not the same, you know.


  2. We are humans, not sheep. There is simply no mechanism by which the righteous average citizen can effect their outrage, since the positions of power & authority from which those mechanisms are activated have been taken over by unrighteous ones.

    Throughout the judiciary, media, administration, legislature – and often, academia – the same is true. The righteous have no power, while those with power are not righteous.

    A big fight will come of this pattern, too.


      1. “I stopped being a liberal because of the Kavanaugh debacle”

        IIRC you were all on board when you thought it was cynical power politics and got turned off when you realized that the DNC was taking it seriously…. (again, I agree with you that wily is better than stupid and it must crush the soul to realize that a political…. entity one had hopes in turned out to be run by dysfunctional morons).

        The horrible part is I don’t think that the DNC has actually learned anything and they regard the whole Kavangaugh debacle (as degrading as it was to feminism and/or progessive values) as some kind of moral victory….


          1. “changed dramatically from “let’s pretend ””

            They can’t pretend… they have to really, really believe, which is, of course, what makes’ them scary…

            What kind of person could listen to and believe mouse-voice-lady? It’s nuts!


            1. I still can’t get over the idea that all those people who wept over Kavanaugh, didn’t sleep at night over it – people I know! – were faking it for some complicated and crazy reason. But they had to have been because they have zero interest in the Biden allegations.

              I’m not getting this at all.


      2. Clarissa, I stopped believing in government when a judge changed evidence against me in the supreme court in regards to a political case. Everything that went wrong in Eastern Europe is going wrong now, everywhere.


  3. I haven’t been a liberal since high school, and I get more deeply lefty by the year.

    On this sexual misconduct thing, the tide is definitely turning. There’s an article in a recent Nation about how it was censorship to pulp Woody Allen’s book. (I wonder how people feel about Boswell, there’s a satyr for you.)


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