Mnuchin says coronabucks will be arriving on Wednesday.

Who’s excited?

4 thoughts on “Coronabucks”

  1. I won’t be getting any, but I wanted to tell you I finished Chris Arnade’s Dignity yesterday after reading about him here. Thanks for the recommendation!


    1. Oh, I’m so glad! It’s a wonderful book and I’m happy you liked it.

      Does anybody remember if I ever published a full review? I never know which posts I imagined and which are real.


  2. “Who’s excited?”

    WHEEEEEEEEE! I won’t be getting any coronabucks, but thanks to the virus I don’t have to start paying my 2020 estimated income taxes until mid-June, and won’t have to take my annual mandated minimum IRA distribution at all this year. Plus my auto insurance company is going to refund some of my insurance fees since I won’t be doing much driving anytime soon.

    Don’t worry, I won’t spend all that loot in one place.


  3. Everybody here’s still working, so we didn’t need it. And it depresses me that I will benefit from this massive acceleration toward national default and possible monetary collapse. But we do have to replace all the plumbing in our house, so that’s where the money’s going, when it gets here…


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