COVID Link of the Day

Let’s pretend it’s tomorrow already.

A very interesting take from Israel:

Ben-Israel, who heads the Ministry of Science and Technology’s National Council for Research and Development and the Security Studies program at Tel Aviv University, argued that global data shows the coronavirus has a six- to eight-week life cycle

Ben-Israel added, “This is how it is all over the world. Both in countries where they have taken closure steps, like Italy, and in countries that have not had closures, like Taiwan or Singapore. In such and such countries, there is an increase until the fourth to sixth week, and immediately thereafter, moderation until during the eighth week, it disappears.”

It’s important to keep a very open mind. Everybody has been wrong about this virus. It’s normal and there’s no shame in that. What if this guy is right? That would be wonderful news.

4 thoughts on “COVID Link of the Day”

  1. I’m with your husband. I don’t mind the quarantine at all; in fact, I’m rather enjoying it and will be bummed out when it’s lifted. Of course, if would be great to keep this lifestyle without anyone dying.

    I miss Starbucks.

    I don’t miss having to chauffeur the kids to all the afterschool activities. I like group meetings via video conferencing; they’re very efficient. I wish I didn’t have to meet with anyone ever in person; it’s so draining.

    So for purely selfish reasons, I’m rooting for extended quarantine.


    1. In quarantine I discovered what I always knew: I’m not meant to be a stay at home wife. It’s just not for me. I want to work. Wooooooooork!!!!!! If I could work, I wouldn’t mind the quarantine.


      1. I think the main issue is that Klara is still very little. My two kids who are still at home (soon to be 9 and 13) are more self-sufficient, so I’m getting a ton done. The youngest one has a desk next to mine, where he draws, does HW, and plays video games, so we low-key hang out all day while I am at my computer.


        1. Exactly. And it’s also the age when kids need each other. No adult, no matter how engaged and willing, can give the stimulation that a bunch of other kids can. I’ve played every game, told every story, planned every adventure, but it’s not enough.


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