Faint Praise

At least, nobody is claiming that this time Trump is running against the most qualified presidential candidate in history. The best anybody can say about Biden is that he’s not as senile as many people think.

Can anybody name anything, any issue, any conviction of Biden’s that makes them feel good about him? Outside of her m not being Trump or Bernie or whomever else, what is there to like about him?

I’m asking out of curiosity. There’s absolutely no way ever I’m voting for this guy.

9 thoughts on “Faint Praise”

  1. My understanding as to why he got the support from the Black community, which is why he is getting the nomination, is that he served as vice-president for eight years under a younger black man and never tried to undermine him or grab the limelight.


  2. I’ve changed my mind and decided to vote for him. Or rather — if I think there’s a chance in h*** my state won’t go Trump 2-1, that is, if my vote will actually matter. There are 2 reasons: 1/ what a lame-duck Trump would be like and 2 / not wanting Trump there with this, because he and his will us it if they can–https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/april-12-2020?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=facebook


  3. “what is there to like about him?”

    Lots. Assuming that the coronavirus situation doesn’t go completely to hell, Biden’s nomination is going to keep the Republicans in power for another four years.


  4. This is probably the wrong place to find enthusiastic Biden supporters; as far as I know, there aren’t any here. I genuinely cannot think of a single thing he’s done that impresses me, or a single thing he’s promising that sounds appealing. Right now Trump is at least making some overtures on trade, while Biden voted for NAFTA. All Biden is offering is weakness on China, a cabinet packed with billionaires, and suggestions that coal miners should “learn to code.” I genuinely think Trump would be (very mildly) better for my interests. I am not voting for him because I’m not voting for someone who raped children with Jeffrey Epstein and because I don’t like him outside of that either. Were Biden running against Tucker Carlson, it would be another story.


  5. I cannot vote in 2020 based on which candidate checks more of the right boxes. Trump is an extraordinarily toxic narcissist, setting a high bar even by narcissist standards, who as a consequence of his personality disorder does not perceive the world accurately. He puts us at far greater risk than someone with bad policies because of the numerous progressives in his party’s base.

    But like Z, I’m in a state that will probably be secure for Trump, so I’ll probably vote for the American Solidarity Party candidate, playing a longer game because both major parties are pathetic.


    1. Is the American Solidarity Party running down ticket candidates in your state? Then voting for them would be a worthwhile exercise in party building and more likely to make a difference (locally).

      Notice, with this coronavirus bungling, the things that seem to matter far more in the immediate and medium term are what the local governments (city, county, state) are doing, good or bad.


    2. Looking into the American Solidarity Party, they look like a good candidate for my third party vote if they end up having ballot access here! I hate the Greens and Libertarians so I was just gonna write someone in, but I’d feel comfortable voting for this party.


  6. Response to “Faint Praise”

    Congress is rife with corruption; both Pelosi and McConnell have become wealthy while in Congress. I take heart in the fact that Biden did not.


    1. Have you missed the whole issue with Burisma paying $50,000 a month salary to Biden’s son? Or Biden’s championing of credit card companies? Or his insistence on getting China to give massive payouts to his son?

      Biden is orders of magnitude more corrupt than Pelosi. She’s a child compared to him in the corruption game. It’s a lot easier to be corrupt in the executive branch than in the legislative.


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