Lockdown Observations

I went grocery shopping today. There are police inside, at the entrance. There’s no explanation or any reason why they are there. The police were the only people without masks and gloves at the store. How is this helping to stop the spread of the virus?

A lone picnic table in a secluded spot is covered in yellow Caution tape. There’s zero evidence that if anybody sits at the table, the virus will transfer and remain on the table for days. Which is how often people visit it.

I’m not allowed to go to my office to pick up my stuff. There’s zero evidence that the virus will stay on indoor surfaces for that long either. And if it does, then we are wasting our time with this lockdown anyway.

There’s zero evidence that there’s any danger in two families that have been in lockdown for a month bringing their kids together for a playdate.

There’s zero evidence that libraries or bookstores are more dangerous than grocery stores.

There’s zero evidence that lonesome walks on the beach, or taking your kid to an empty park, or buying plant seeds, or surfing have anything to do with transmitting the virus.

But it’s no longer just about the virus. It’s about proving people right, and that’s the really important thing.

The part that really gets to me is when people exclaim, “listen to the science! We are seeing a lot fewer deaths than predicted because of the lockdown!” It takes less than two minutes to Google what was predicted and when but… It’s no longer about the virus.

One thought on “Lockdown Observations”

  1. At this point, people (cities, states, stores, etc.) are just making up rules as they go along. We need social distancing, but you’re right that the things being shut down and the ways we are allowed to interact are a bit arbitrary and inconsistent. My sense is that the scientists and the federal government aren’t providing a lot of real guidance and that some previous bad guidance (like actively discouraging wearing of any sort of mask in public) has undermined faith in whatever guidance there is and is encouraging the made up rules.

    Lots of stores in my area (bookstores, craft stores, hardware stores, pet stores, etc.) are doing curbside pickup where you call ahead, tell them what you want, give a credit card number, and they bring the things out to your car when you get there. The locally owned bookstore will even do book deliveries to your house. I think this is a good and fairly safe way to keep things running and give the businesses a shot at survival. But from what I gather, that type of operation isn’t possible in some places right now.


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