Power Trip

Coronavirus in Massachusetts: Lynn begins mandatory curfew ordering residents to stay home at night during COVID-19 outbreak

Of course, there’s no evidence COVID spreads better between 9 pm and 6 am but who cares about that in the midst of such a fun power trip?

In Michigan, it’s now forbidden to sell plant seeds. Because God forbid people do some gardening in quarantine. What, you want to kill grandma by planting a bunch of peonies? Evildoer.

It’s curious how fast people accepted totalitarian measures of control.

One thought on “Power Trip”

  1. The plant seeds thing really bothers me. No selling plant seeds? In the springtime? Why? My favorite seed catalog recently closed its ordering because it had so many orders it couldn’t keep up, and needed time to process the backlog. They’ve never had so many orders before. Haven’t we been telling people gardening is a nice healthy activity forever?

    Glad I got my order in before the lockdown!


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