Mexican Slang

I haven’t had to consult the dictionary this much for twenty years. This novel by Guillermo Arriaga is written in a hardcore Mexican Spanish. A random sentence from page 585:

De los godines pasó a los mirreyes chavorrucos y a las rorras chiquiguapas.

And it’s all like this.

It’s a great novel but it takes forever to get used to the slang. I’m almost there, though. A review is going to drop any moment now.

COVID Image of the Day

Here’s an updated graph of COVID deaths per country, this time with the beginning date marked as clearly as possible.

Note that the US and Sweden are close to each other, even with very different strategies. Also notice that countries that isolated early and hard are at the top. Yes, it all started earlier there but look at the shape of the curve.

So if you want to argue that US is doing worse than everyone else in the world on COVID, it’s your American exceptionalism talking.

Kids in Quarantine

On the positive side, this quarantine has put Klara off social media for a long time to come. She’d never experienced social media before but in the quarantine many of her friends tried to connect with her through FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. She hated all of it. After a couple of tries, she informed me she never wanted to do “this boring activity” again.

Instead, she asks me to take her to “look at friends.” This means we go for a walk and she gazes at other kids sitting in their front yards from a distance. It’s really sad.

Welcome to Havana!

I asked students to look for news about Cuba. They found a Cuban newspaper that claims Cuba has invented a coronavirus vaccine but the evil US is preventing Cubans from sharing it with the world.

Also, Cubans are sending doctors all over the world to help less fortunate countries to battle the virus but the evil US is preventing Cuba from doing that.

Also, the Cuban economy is doing fantastic and would be able to share its riches with the world if it weren’t for the evil US and its embargo.

Ha ha, you’ll say. Poor dumb Cubans who eat up such ridiculous propaganda.

In the meantime…

This is published at the exact same time as unprecedented numbers of healthcare workers are being laid off around the country. The quotes from the authorities that “prove” the severity of the crisis and the need for foreign doctors are from three weeks ago.

And we eat it up exactly like those poor dumb Cubans.

This is a single example. There are hundreds every day.