COVID Image of the Day

Here’s an updated graph of COVID deaths per country, this time with the beginning date marked as clearly as possible.

Note that the US and Sweden are close to each other, even with very different strategies. Also notice that countries that isolated early and hard are at the top. Yes, it all started earlier there but look at the shape of the curve.

So if you want to argue that US is doing worse than everyone else in the world on COVID, it’s your American exceptionalism talking.

3 thoughts on “COVID Image of the Day”

  1. Spain’s president is saying how well we did and how we are the country that better reacted to the pandemic. Unfortunately some people believe him. The rest of us roll our eyes and are waiting for our next voting opportunity.

    At least, now press conferences are more interesting now that press is allowed to make whatever questions they want, rather than pre-filtering them by having the Press Secretary gather them in advance, and the reading them aloud.


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