True Deplorables

I can be friends with Trump supporters, Bernie supporters, Biden supporters (if they existed), even Putin supporters.

But I couldn’t be friends with somebody who reported a neighbor for some minor act of quarantine incompliance.

One thought on “True Deplorables”

  1. I could if they repented. I considered reporting someone I knew for throwing a party (luckily the KY police do not take such reports anyway.) Later I realized this was wrong. Really I just dislike this guy; would I have considered reporting it I liked him? Like I did genuinely find his actions irresponsible but come on. He has thrown parties since and I’ve just ignored it.

    Even then I do not think I would’ve considered reporting anything that happens in my area. I’ve seen the draconian response of local police. They are not protecting anyone’s safety by throwing people in JAIL. Yes, there really is a guy in jail for this stuff rn. This guy is an idiot and an asshole who wanted the attention but he should’ve just been fined. It’s ridiculous.

    This is a time when my anti-cop prejudice has served me well. Who knows what kinda snitch I could’ve become under different circumstances. I’m ashamed I fell prey to such impulses so easily.


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