Whose Propaganda Network?

President Obama: “The other side has a massive war chest. The other side has a propaganda network with little regard for the truth.” https://t.co/UittHb5yVP

Obama either left the Democratic party or abandoned the use of his rational capacities out of solidarity with Biden. There’s no other explanation for his belief that “a propaganda network with little regard for the truth” is in the other side.

3 thoughts on “Whose Propaganda Network?”

  1. Re propaganda, even Snowden emerged from slinking about in the shadows to engage in some anti-Israeli one, while using Godwin’s law as a cherry on top of the cake. An Israeli reporter travelled to Moscow (and was harrassed upon arrival by the Russian security services at Domodedevo airport, Moscow) to receive this “exclusive interview”, so if anyone here is interested in what he has to say, look at the link below. What stood out to me was Snowden’s outrageous comparison of Israeli measures to Nazi Germany, while staying in Moscow whose citizens currently cannot exit their homes without a digital pass (!). Israel has a lot of growth to do to reach Moscow’s level.

    // In an exclusive interview, Edward Snowden… says he is surprised that Israelis are not furious over the use of Shin Bet anti-terrorism measures to track people infected with the virus, which he calls ‘intolerable’

    “It is very surprising to me that the Israeli public does not understand the extent to which a pool of data such as this in the hands of the Shin Bet is dangerous. True, Israel is a country at war, but it must be remembered that a large part of the Israeli population is in Israel as the outcome of a tragedy, an intentional atrocity that was powered by the abuse of public records that were held by the Nazis in Germany. So I say to the Israelis: Set aside your political feelings for the day, set aside your feelings about Netanyahu, about his opposition rivals, that is less important.”

    So what is important?

    What is important is that what Netanyahu is doing today by using the Shin Bet database is more dangerous than the coronavirus.



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