Middle Age Is Here

Thank you, dear friends, for the birthday wishes, the kind words, and the gifts! You are wonderful people.

Now that I have a makeup refrigerator, I’m fully ready to enter middle age. And in that spirit, I will be starting my very first regular 9 to 5 job on July 1. If everything reopens, that is. I truly hope my first ever regular office job won’t be thwarted by a quarantine.

The regular office job means I will be reading much more because there’s not much to do at the office. So more book reviews and more fun for everybody.

Non-COVID Link of the Day

Let’s set aside the virus-related subject and discuss a different kind of social I’ll:

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed suit in federal court Thursday on behalf of a University of North Texas professor in Denton fired for criticizing flyers about “microaggressions” that someone left anonymously in the mathematics department’s faculty lounge. The head of the department, Ralf Schmidt, told Hiers he fired him because he criticized the “microaggressions” fliers and didn’t express “honest regret” about his actions. Other university officials approved of Schmidt’s retaliation.

The saddest part is that the faculty not only aren’t protesting but probably agree that microaggressions are a serious concept that has place in gatherings of normal people.

Mental Health Testing Kits

Los Angeles fills Venice Skate Park with sand amid #CoronavirusOutbreak


Why knows why these particular idiots associate the Chinese virus with skateboarding.

It’s now a free-for-all where every emotionally unstable person invested with a tiny bit of power inflicts private insanity into everybody else.

I wish people who make these decisions had to demonstrate that they are not on anti-anxiety or anti-depression meds before they are invested with the power to set conditions for the quarantine. We need mental health testing kits ASAP.

Birthday Program

My birthday program consisted of me lying in bed a d staring placidly out of the window.

But then my sister gave me a makeup refrigerator as a birthday gift. When I plugged it in, I realized that my room wasn’t clean and pretty enough to house the makeup refrigerator. So I started cleaning up like a maniac.

I need to get this party back on track.

More Good News on COVID

More good news on COVID:

Nearly one third of 200 Chelsea residents who gave a drop of blood to researchers on the street this week tested positive for antibodies linked to COVID-19.

These random antibodies tests are our only hope to convince the fusspots and the hysterics to let us go outside, so I hope there are more of them.

The author of the linked article goes out of his way to use this information to continue fear-mongering. But the only thing that matters is that mortality rates are clearly very very low.

By the way, does anybody have any explanation of why almost the entire media is obsessed with exaggerating the danger of this pandemic? Is it TDS? Are they hoping this will somehow help Biden win in November? Is it upper-middle-class fussiness? Is it poor mental health?