Mental Health Testing Kits

Los Angeles fills Venice Skate Park with sand amid #CoronavirusOutbreak

Why knows why these particular idiots associate the Chinese virus with skateboarding.

It’s now a free-for-all where every emotionally unstable person invested with a tiny bit of power inflicts private insanity into everybody else.

I wish people who make these decisions had to demonstrate that they are not on anti-anxiety or anti-depression meds before they are invested with the power to set conditions for the quarantine. We need mental health testing kits ASAP.

7 thoughts on “Mental Health Testing Kits”

  1. Always some grump just waiting for the opportunity to be mean to skateboarders… on the plus side, Jacksonville has re-opened their beaches. I think it’s better for everyone’s mental and physical health if they can go to the beach. And with all the UV and salt breeze, it’s self-sanitizing 🙂


    1. I agree. I have no idea why everybody is freaking over the beaches opening. Beaches seem like the safest places to be. I’ve never seen anybody rub up against strangers on a beach. People make an effort to keep distance from everybody but family members. I don’t see a problem.

      Plus, I’m still hoping we’ll be able to go on our yearly vacation to Florida this summer.


  2. “Plus, I’m still hoping we’ll be able to go on our yearly vacation to Florida this summer.”

    Well, you’ve have plenty of room on the Florida beaches by this summer. There are almost 26,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in that state as of today, about 750 deaths and still counting.

    You should vacation in Arizona instead. We have lots of sand, but very little of the virus — only about 2500 cases in the Phoenix metro area, where two-thirds of the entire lopsided state population lives, and only one person reported dead from COVID-19 overnight.

    I also got an unexpected birthday present today, an unwrapped delicious package (food, of course, from my well-trained young relatives back east) handed to me at my front door by an anxious young woman who wasn’t wearing gloves or a mask. I should probably have wiped off the package before I started eating it, but I’m more hungry than fatalistic.

    Hey, finally made 75 tomorrow. Either way, I get out of jury duty and having to take off my shoes and jacket going through TSA at the airport.


  3. Personally I think that it is fantastic. Think about it. Government departments and municipal councils have long been filled with wannabe hitlers and petty tyrants who, in all honesty, aren’t very smart. But, since most of the truly smart people in this world were off working at something that paid better but took some brainpower, it meant that there wasn’t very much competition for the dummies/hitler wannabes.

    So now that we have a viral pandemic, those same not-so-smart petty tyrants are putting smart people out of jobs and businesses while operating under the assumption that the level of competition for their own jobs will never change.

    Well. At some point, smart people with nothing to do are probably going to start thinking about working in government departments or being elected to something which, I can say from personal experience, gets really interesting, really fast.


  4. Wait, I’m confused. You’ve been saying that people go to the doctor and ask for anti-depressants because they have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies and want an easy fix, a pill to take to be happy all the time. But now being on anti-depressants is a sign that you have actual problems with your mental health?

    If anything, an official being on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds means that when they are panicking, they might have enough self-awareness to recognize that they’re not being reasonable and the problem is with them, not the rest of the world. What you should really be afraid of is people with undiagnosed and untreated mental illness in positions of power who are sure there is nothing wrong with them and their decisions are perfectly logical.


    1. A problem can be addressed in different ways. Take a pill to numb the symptoms and pretend the problem isn’t there or deal with what’s causing the illness.

      There are people who deal with a toothache by numbing themselves with alcohol. The toothache is real but becoming an alcoholic isn’t really helping. Good as it might feel in the moment.


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