More Good News on COVID

More good news on COVID:

Nearly one third of 200 Chelsea residents who gave a drop of blood to researchers on the street this week tested positive for antibodies linked to COVID-19.

These random antibodies tests are our only hope to convince the fusspots and the hysterics to let us go outside, so I hope there are more of them.

The author of the linked article goes out of his way to use this information to continue fear-mongering. But the only thing that matters is that mortality rates are clearly very very low.

By the way, does anybody have any explanation of why almost the entire media is obsessed with exaggerating the danger of this pandemic? Is it TDS? Are they hoping this will somehow help Biden win in November? Is it upper-middle-class fussiness? Is it poor mental health?

7 thoughts on “More Good News on COVID”

  1. (1)Are they hoping this will somehow help Biden win in November?(2) Is it upper-middle-class fussiness? (3)Is it poor mental health?

    90% 1 and 3. 5% overcompensation for the fact that their initial reaction was not only to declare that this was no big deal, but to actively mock people who were warning that it was a big deal as loonies/racists. 5% other stuff.

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  2. Your level of compassion is amazing. Right now, we are showing more than 34,000 deaths due to the virus, and that includes young and healthy siblings and parents and children. It’s before we reclassify some of the “flu” deaths this year which where actually caused by the virus. (New York has started re-examining cases from January, before virus tests were available. No one else has.) Flu death numbers this season were inordinately high, and the virus has killed more than double the number in an average flu season. That’s a lot of grieving people. And their will be more. The Smithfield hog plant is South Dakota is an interesting example of the new hotspots we are seeing, and of the economic and racial disparities in who is being protected. If one believed in elite theory, it’s possible to interpret current policies as a form of “ethnic cleansing.”

    The virus isn’t a one-off and it’s not about “god’s will” as so many would like to believe. Covid-19 is a random mutation in one of literally thousands of coronaviruses that has allowed it to attack humans, and there are thousands of other viruses cued to do the same thing. And some will.

    I agree that the current situation is annoying, but it’s pushing us faster than expected into a future some of us thought was coming anyway. There was a dreadfully depressing rock song, “In the year 2525”, that foretold some of what we are experiencing and what that future might resemble. We’re just getting there a coup;e of centuries early.


    1. How many so-called Covid-19 fatalities have that listed a the cause of death on the death certificate. I would think that any medical examiner/coroner/M.D. whomever, who signs such documents with a cause so imprecise and in dispute should have to have done an autopsy with other qualified clinicians. Signing off on a Covid-19 death certificate without substantiating that as the cause of death would seem to me to be criminal fraud – creating a fraudulent public and legal document. It would be interesting for state’s attorney’s generals to start auditing death certificates. If a person has a head cold (which are mostly caused by some form of coronavirus) and has a heart attack and dies, the death certificate doesn’t give cause of death as “head cold.”

      There is a serious corruption of the most elemental legal standards underway in this nation. The CDC and other national organizations/agencies that push the application of “Covid-19” as cause of death (such things I have read about) are IMHO undertaking a criminal conspiracy to defraud.

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      1. I am in extreme disagreement. From the research I’ve done unless there is a reason for inquiry, most corpses receive only a cursory examination, and the elderly listed as dying from natural causes receive none. That’ a major contributor to the belief that early Covid-19 cases were written off as flu or something else, and in the South and Midwest, where testing kits are scarce, continue to be.

        Today’s report from Santa Clara reclassifying deaths in early February as Covid-19 only adds credence to the undercounting assertion. The changes in listed cause of death are due to analysis of tissue samples by the CDC.


        1. Dr Birx said that every case that might be COVID is counted as COVID. Do you disbelieve Dr Birx?

          There is a clear motive for overcounting. A huge, gigantic motive. But there’s no discernible motive to undercount. Why would people do something all over the country without any motivation at all?

          As for the analysis of tissue samples, the fact that somebody had COVID doesn’t mean they died of COVID. But they are all counted as COVID deaths.


  3. It’s because it’s NYC.

    All the major news networks are headquartered in NYC. They have no idea what the rest of the country is like, and they’re not interested in finding out. NYC is the navel of the universe, into which all our reporters gaze.

    Hurricane Sandy, which was a piddly storm by FL standards, affected NYC. It was in the news for MONTHS, there were celebrity relief telethons… and then we got treated to retrospectives about “the long lasting effects of Devastating, Awful, Catastrophic Hurricane Sandy” on the anniversaries. Because according to the major TV news in this country, Sandy is the only hurricane ever to even happen in the US.

    Meanwhile, less than two years ago, my FL hometown got a direct hit from a CATEGORY 5 hurricane: Michael (Hurricane what? I haven’t heard about that one, you say). Mexico Beach, just east of us, was nearly wiped off the map. Our Air Force base was completely totaled: almost nothing salvageable. Most homes and businesses were damaged, many beyond repair, and electric, phone, and cable lines were down for over a month. Half the schools were un-usable. The housing shortage continues. There are still thousands of tarped roofs. The debris cleanup was the largest in US history. There are still wrecked buildings all over town waiting on demolition crews to haul them away, a year and a half later. This story disappeared from the national news in ONE WEEK. Because it didn’t happen in NYC.

    Yes, we’re a little bitter about it.


  4. The more drama there is, the more clicks news generates. What do you think would generate more clicks — that things are not as bad as they seem, we can all go out — or things are very very dire, everybody is incompetent, you all need to stay in (….and click on our stuff more)?

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