COVID Insight of the Day

The destruction of the skateboarding rink, the collective outrage over people going to the beach, the fainting spells over neighbors barbecuing – has this become about sourpuss misanthropes trying to make sure nobody has any fun?

8 thoughts on “COVID Insight of the Day”

  1. For people whose primary joy in life is derived from being moralizing scolds, this whole pandemic has certainly been a huge gift.

    On the other hand, if they weren’t doing it over proper quarantine etiquette, they would be doing it about something else.


  2. They’re always there, complaining that your grass is too tall, or your shed violates HOA regulations or whatever. They’re just suddenly way more visible.

    They’re envious.

    Jealousy is when you want to keep all your stuff for yourself, and not share.
    Covetousness is when you want other people’s stuff.
    Envy is when you don’t want the thing that someone else has, you just don’t want THEM to have it.


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