Moving Goalpost

US needs to conduct 20 million coronavirus tests per day to fully reopen, Harvard report says

Meaning what? Never?

I thought it was about “flattening the curve” and “relieving the healthcare system.” The curve has been flattened, the hospitals are empty … and now there’s another goalpost? Which moves the end of quarantines into infinity?

Who’s funding these “Harvard reports”? What’s going on?

Mass Shooting in Canada

Yesterday the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history took place. A 51-year-old denturist from Nova Scotia killed 18 people for reasons currently unknown. These things don’t get extremely politicized from the get ho in Canada, so it’s likely we will find out what really happened.

My condolences go to Canadian friends. This is a terrible tragedy.

COVID Censorship on Amazon

Amazon has UNpublished a book of poetry that introduced some sort of wrong think on COVID. The author is a philosophy professor in Montreal, so in all likelihood the wrong think is barely perceptible. But that doesn’t matter. You’ve got to toe the line, or else.

Every time I go to a conference, some well-meaning idiot chirps happily about the “subversive potential” of gigantic online platforms that “allow everybody to express themselves.”

Of course, “everybody” always means dumb little clones who parrot whatever the NYTimes-approved orthodoxy is.

COVID Fact of the Day

A paper titled “Suppression of COVID-19 outbreak in the municipality of Vo,’ Italy” (Google it, I can’t attach to a post), demonstrates that, in an Italian town that was very affected and conducted massive testing, not a single child under ten (out of 234) was even a carrier, let alone got sick.

And in the very affected NYC, death rates of people under the age of 17 with no underlying conditions are zero. This is the case absolutely everywhere else, too. There’s one kid who died in MI but she had a number of extreme and rare conditions.

There’s zero evidence that closing schools and daycares makes sense.

In Perfect Unison

Facebook, of course, is making a gigantic profit and deepening its surveillance of us in the quarantine. What state and local governments are getting out of all of it is a mystery.

And God, please don’t say “control.” Here in Illinois Governor Pritzker is destroying an already deeply indebted and dysfunctional economy over… what exactly? He’s not dumb. He’s saying openly that state economy is now completely in the toilet. What’s the huge gain that “control” gives him to counterbalance that?