COVID Fact of the Day

A paper titled “Suppression of COVID-19 outbreak in the municipality of Vo,’ Italy” (Google it, I can’t attach to a post), demonstrates that, in an Italian town that was very affected and conducted massive testing, not a single child under ten (out of 234) was even a carrier, let alone got sick.

And in the very affected NYC, death rates of people under the age of 17 with no underlying conditions are zero. This is the case absolutely everywhere else, too. There’s one kid who died in MI but she had a number of extreme and rare conditions.

There’s zero evidence that closing schools and daycares makes sense.

2 thoughts on “COVID Fact of the Day”

  1. The girl in Michigan had no underlying conditions. She had a rare complication because of the virus but was otherwise healthy before she was infected. I’ve found no reporting suggesting otherwise.


    1. Exactly, rare complication. I think it was meningitis. Thank you.

      I’d be more precise if I didn’t have to do the job of the daycare while doing everything else.


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