In Perfect Unison

Facebook, of course, is making a gigantic profit and deepening its surveillance of us in the quarantine. What state and local governments are getting out of all of it is a mystery.

And God, please don’t say “control.” Here in Illinois Governor Pritzker is destroying an already deeply indebted and dysfunctional economy over… what exactly? He’s not dumb. He’s saying openly that state economy is now completely in the toilet. What’s the huge gain that “control” gives him to counterbalance that?

2 thoughts on “In Perfect Unison”

  1. I think you underestimate how much “productivity” and “economic gain” people in charge will sacrifice for “control.”


    1. I don’t believe that anything is ever done just because. There’s got to be some benefit. What benefit is Pritzker – as an example – deriving from tanking the state economy? Facebook is getting profit. What are the state governors getting?


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