More of the Same

What did I tell you, folks? “Guest worker” immigration programs will remain in place and stronger than ever.

I can’t believe people are still falling into this trap. Oooh, Trump will suspend immigration, Trump will ban citizenship for anchor babies, Trump will build the wall. Silly fantasies.

Whether this is good or bad, everybody decides individually. But aside from the verbiage, Reagan and every president after him has been fanatically globalist to an identical degree. It’s simply a fact.

12 thoughts on “More of the Same”

  1. ““Guest worker” immigration programs will remain in place and stronger than ever.”

    How is this not class war directed against the already existing local population?

    My suspicions on government intentions are becoming darker and darker – they’re going to use this the same way they used the housing crisis only 50 times worse and progressives and leftists won’t be able to do a thing because they’ll be too afraid of their own thought police….


    1. Twenty-two million out of work in a month. 83% of all Americans support complete stop to immigration during the pandemic.

      Of course, 68% support a dramatic reduction in immigration in regular times. And nobody has ever cared.


  2. Who does the class war benefit, though? I don’t understand who’s profiting from the gradual impoverishment of average Americans. Doesn’t that just mean your customers are poorer, and can’t buy as much from you? Is it just that the rentier class benefits from everyone being more wage-dependent?

    I believe that it’s class warfare, and I watched, among my own neighbors and relatives, the job market getting better as Trump cut down on illegal border-crossing… but I don’t quite understand the mechanics of the guest worker scam…

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    1. ” I don’t understand who’s profiting from the gradual impoverishment of average Americans”

      One aspect in short: The elite tend to have feckless fail children who just aren’t very good at anything (poster child: Hunter Biden) The elite also tend to be awful parents who irregularly smother their children with too much attention or neglect them by outsourcing nurturing to paid help, occasionally they try to bully them into achievement).
      One result is they’re anxious about their children slipping in the class hierarchy and they go to massive lengths so that their children will have as little competition from the rest of us as possible. They’ve got theirs they want to make sure that smarter more driven people don’t overshadow their won unimpressive offspring….


      1. Plausible, I guess? One wonders why, if the child is feckless, you shouldn’t just tie him to a trust fund and leave it at that. It’s not like they’re going to magically produce responsible, ambitious grandchildren.

        As I understand it, one of the things that’s made America great is that even though there’s a huge divide between the 1% and everyone else, hardly anyone stays in the 1% for life, much less for generations. It’s not a nobility. People rise into it and fall out of it all the time. Do you think the problem is that people like Biden are trying to effectively re-establish nobility without the titles?


    2. An interesting idea I heard about this topic recently is one of relative wealth. If I have twenty bucks and you have two, I have ten times more than you. If I make it so we both lose $1, I now have 19 times more than you.

      Relative status might be intrinsically valued. If leveraging relative wealth is how you get more wealth to begin with, it might also be tactically useful.


      1. Hm. In theory, this makes sense, perhaps? In practice… I don’t know anyone who’d go for that deal. Maybe I don’t know enough insanely rich people?

        Why would having 19 bucks and a resentful, poorer, neighbor make you better off than having 20 bucks and a neighbor who doesn’t hate you? Does being rich make you stupid?


  3. I was disappointed, but not surprised. I made sure to check out which conservative commentators are mindlessly praising Trump and which are pushing back (Tucker is a given, of course.)


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