Prefab Updates

What’s kind of creepy is that people have written stock coronavirus updates and are sending them to everybody in their email address book.

I’m getting weird emails full of details about relatives I never met from people I know from being in the same conference session or working on the same edited volume 5 years ago. It feels like involuntary snooping.

One thought on “Prefab Updates”

  1. I’m not awake, and for a moment I thought your relatives were sending out highly specialized emails on stock trading.

    “Dear family,
    Oil futures have dropped into negative numbers. This is a great time to buy wind energy stocks. We are having a great time making all the food and laughing at all the other people who don’t have a basement full of pickles, toilet paper and firewood. We are making a killing selling pulse oximeters. Grandma has a boil on her left toe. I’ve attached pictures so you can see the perimeter…Please vote on this poll…Hope we may all see each other soon in person, Love and kisses, your second cousin thrice removed. P.S. I have attached wedding pictures from Bali.”

    I’ve got a Zoom party in a bit. Help me.


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