Ancient Artifacts

“These ancient artifacts, pictures from the 1980s and 90s…” says a 26-year-old character in the novel I’m reading.

I hate them youngsters.

Executive Order on Immigration

Please watch today’s segment of Tucker Carlson on the evolution of Trump’s executive order “suspending immigration” (or, in reality, delaying a tiny percentage of green card applicants from getting processed). I wanted to discuss this in detail but didn’t have time.

I don’t want people to buy into the hype and misunderstand what this actually is. A tiny delay for a tiny percentage of green card applications. None of the “guest worker” programs are affected. Tucker explains how the executive order mutated to get to this place. Short answer: Jarvanka is very friendly with Tim Cook.

Do watch.

Staying Closed

My university has decided not to open up in the summer and is discussing not opening up in the Fall semester either. We have 9 deaths in the whole county. No acceleration. The most recent death was last week, actually.

The only explanation that makes sense is that we can only open in a reality where death doesn’t exist and everybody stays alive forever.

Good Faith Question

Seriously, folks, what’s the explanation for the theory that the COVID death counts are lower than reality?

I’m not wedded to any theory on this but I am wedded to the belief that nothing happens just because. So there’s got to be a reason why the same authorities that need to explain to the people they impoverished for a generation to come would pretend that the disease is not as serious as it is. I understand why they would want to pretend that it’s more serious than it is. But why would they pretend it’s less serious? Where’s the gain?

It’s a completely good faith question. I’m very ready to adopt a new narrative on this. But I need to know what the narrative is.

Rule Breakers

A friend and I took our kids to the park together. We walked at a reasonable distance from each other but people still gave us dirty looks. I wonder if anybody is going to snitch and how they are going to express the complaint.

“I saw black people and white people walking together, and they look definitely not related, so it’s against the rules” will probably sound too moronic.

COVID Link of the Day

People were dying of the Chinese virus in the US a lot earlier than we thought:

Santa Clara County Public Health in California announced Tuesday that autopsy results show a patient who died on Feb. 6 had the novel coronavirus.

Why it matters: The first known death from COVID-19 in the U.S. previously was a patient in Washington state on Feb. 29.

People who have been swearing they got it in California in January were telling the truth.

This also answers the question of why California is doing so much better than New York. It’s got immunity already.