COVID Link of the Day

People were dying of the Chinese virus in the US a lot earlier than we thought:

Santa Clara County Public Health in California announced Tuesday that autopsy results show a patient who died on Feb. 6 had the novel coronavirus.

Why it matters: The first known death from COVID-19 in the U.S. previously was a patient in Washington state on Feb. 29.

People who have been swearing they got it in California in January were telling the truth.

This also answers the question of why California is doing so much better than New York. It’s got immunity already.

2 thoughts on “COVID Link of the Day”

  1. Two thoughts – if you call it the Chinese virus, you probably also want to attach an index number.

    Secondly… China has like 20% of the world’s population. Policies and culture aside, they’re pulling more numbers out of the global pandemic hat to begin with. I wonder if it was poor luck rather than malice or negligence.


  2. But that’s great news! It means that in the shorter term at least, immunity means something! This is one of the things we have been unsure about… does being seropositive actually confer immunity? If so, for how long? If CA is doing tons better because they already had it… that’s at least the beginning of an answer 🙂


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