Side Effects

Spending most of my time with a 4-year-old has had an effect. I now tell people in work meetings, “Can you explain with words why this is bothering you?” It takes all I’ve got not to add, “it’s OK, mommy’s right here, breathe in deep.”

5 thoughts on “Side Effects”

  1. Comment on “Side Effects”

    I am curious why you say “with words” instead of “in words.” Either is OK, but “in words” seems more thoughtful and more likely to have a helpful effect, at least when dealing with adults.


    1. “why you say “with words” instead of “in words.” ”

      Probably has something to do with presuppositions

      in words – presupposes levels of articulation 4 year olds don’t necessarily have (there’s also an idea that it really means ‘in words that I find acceptable’)

      with words – presupposes the 4 year old has been using other means and needs to try to find words instead of screaming or crying or sulking and presupposes the adult can and will help find the right words…


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