Staying Closed

My university has decided not to open up in the summer and is discussing not opening up in the Fall semester either. We have 9 deaths in the whole county. No acceleration. The most recent death was last week, actually.

The only explanation that makes sense is that we can only open in a reality where death doesn’t exist and everybody stays alive forever.

3 thoughts on “Staying Closed”

  1. They’re not worried about death; they’re worried about the effects of opening the campus and then reclosing will have on the bottom line. Imagine the “second wave” hitting as a bunch of freshchildren adjusting to roommates for the first time arrive on campus. Student health centers aren’t equipped to do more than hand out excuses, birth control and aspirin. Their helicopter parents will be so furious! There are the normal pains of living on your own but imagine scores of angry parents complaining that their precious Emilies and Jacobs are being endangered by their covid roommates. They don’t even have to be right about the county for it to be a problem; just “Illinois” “covid” and “Chicago” are enough. And you didn’t even think about the counties people commute to. Isn’t St. Louis County… not doing as well? Just imagine having to prorate a bunch of room & board fees & lab fees and & activity fees and remember it costs just as much if not more than tuition.


    1. COVID mortality among people under the age of 30 worldwide is lower than mortality among people over 100. And we all know which group is a lot more numerous.

      Unlike flu, COVID is absolutely no danger to people in their early 20s. We didn’t close down last fall, when there was a serious flu outbreak.

      I lobbied for closing the campus back in early March. Now I know that I was wrong. We all were.


  2. The first phrase of my comment was “They’re not worried about death” — students (mostly under 22) or any of the professors, or the administration or support staff (probably over 30 and with varying degrees of health). The rest of the comment is about money.

    And there’s a wide range between “dying”, “hospitalization” and “just hang out at home and drink fluids, it’s fine.”

    But let’s say there’s no danger to traditional college aged students who live in dorms. We’ve also seen studies which say you’ll be fine as long as you don’t have preexisting conditions. You’ve also linked to a study which says “covid likes to eat fat people.” Consider the amount of obesity in the student population. Also consider the well worn trope of the “freshman 15.” Is a fit 45 year old in more or less danger from covid than a fat 19 year old with undiagnosed asthma?

    Look it through the jaundiced eyes of someone who really doesn’t want to pay out monies for lawsuits, even if they “win.” Then you’ll understand the university’s seemingly absurd discussion about not reopening.


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