COVID As an Electoral Strategy

It’s clear that COVID-phobia has turned into an electoral strategy. Biden can’t beat Trump, everybody understands this. So billionaires like Pritzker – and he’s a really rich dude – are hoping that if they crash the economy sufficiently hard, Trump will lose.

It’s a mystery why the wealthy are so terrified of him but they are clearly ready to do pretty much anything to get rid of him.

2 thoughts on “COVID As an Electoral Strategy”

  1. I think they didn’t play enough Monopoly as kids. Or maybe they played it with the wrong people: when you get all the properties, and all the money, and everyone else is in debt or dropped out, you win. But winning at Monopoly sucks, because then all your friends are mad at you. If it was a really intense game, the kid who was your best friend before the game, hits you and turns the board over before stalking out of the room.

    The real-life version gets a lot uglier.


  2. Politics at that level is basically a melee. Political donors act against business rivals, ideological rivals, other politicians who once insulted them 30 years ago etc while Lobbyists do the same depending on who is paying the bills this time while political parties do the same while factions inside the parties do the same even as politicians or aspiring politicians do the same as well.

    On the outside, it looks like there is some kind of plan, and as if there is an organised, monolithic “they” who are doing something or other like deliberately crashing an economy, but in real life, it isn’t like that at all. It just looks like that because everyone is acting by way of third party, and so all of the complicated, petty, stupid scheming etc is done behind closed doors over cups of coffee or bottles of wine, so that by the time whatever inane argument is presented to the public by a politician, journalist, activist etc, it looks neat and polished.


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