Illness and Equality

Remember when the AIDS epidemic first began and gay rights groups had to beg everybody to notice that it wasn’t affecting all groups equally? They finally prevailed and the gay community started getting the help it needed. But not after many gay people died for lack of resources, attention, and interest because everybody was trying to protect the groups that weren’t at risk.

It’s the same thing with COVID. Instead of concentrating heavily on the groups that are severely impacted, we are wasting resources and destroying the economy to protect the multitudes who are at no risk.

3 thoughts on “Illness and Equality”

  1. I remember the AIDS thing the other way around: even in the late 90s, there was still a tremendous amount of PR going into trying to convince the public that it wasn’t just a gays-and-drug-users problem, that literally anyone could be in danger of contracting HIV because of blood transfusions, medical accidents, husband cheated on you, whatever. And I remember thinking “they must not think anyone cares about gay people, because they’re still going out of their way to find that one relatable, not-gay person who now has HIV. The two blurbs I actually remember seeing on TV about it featured a hemophiliac married Anglican priest who’d gotten it from a blood transfusion, and a straight black woman who’d contracted it from her no-good cheating boyfriend. And there was a newspaper article claiming an explosion in HIV rates among married hispanic women. It seemed weird at the time, because the numbers clearly did not support the idea that the general public were at risk.


    1. That’s exactly what I mean. All those ridiculous stories about how you could get it from a kiss or at a dentist’s office. I grew up scared of dentists and flu shots because of that.

      And now we are doing the same. Protecting children from an illness that is dangerous for the elderly.


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