Lockdown Will Continue

Pritzker extended the quarantine until end of May. Or as he calls it “a little while.” Obviously, he’s not promising to open after that.

I swear to God I never thought I would feel bad that Rauner is no longer the governor. The long timers of this blog know how much I hate him. And I still do.

But this is worse.

This will devastate an already dysfunctional state budget. But hey, as long as the lemmings are happy, why not.

P.S. Talking about lemmings, the majority of stupid dumb idiots my dearest colleagues in the union want to stay in online teaching mode for the foreseeable future because they feel unsafe. Only 10 people in the entire faculty want to go back to regular teaching in the summer. The summer! Think about it. They believe the economy will survive 3-4 more months of this. People with PhDs. I have no words.

8 thoughts on “Lockdown Will Continue”

    1. So are we. But the question is if we should stay online until January.


      And the majority of my colleagues supports this.

      I don’t even want to. I mean I have no.



  1. We have multiple summer sessions. The early summer session is definitely online, the second summer session might be online, they are waiting to make the decision.

    There are some mutterings about remaining online in the fall. I do not know how I will do that. My teaching load this semester is the lightest I’ve had in years and this transition has been exhausting. I had taught online before, so I didn’t have to learn any new tools, but Zoom teaching sessions wear me out, I have a ton of e-mails every day, and there’s all sorts of extra work converting things into different formats. My fall semester teaching load is always heavy, my fall courses tend to have high enrollments and they are courses that involve lots of papers. Fall is never great and it feels impossible to do it all online.


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