What Do You Call It?

To me it’s soda, and I thought it was the same for everybody.

15 thoughts on “What Do You Call It?”

  1. A soda is heavily carbonated water with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup added, and you drink the liquid though a straw and eat the ice cream with a spoon.

    Everybody knows that.


  2. “Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.”

    Did I screw up typing my identification again, or is WordPress playing games?


  3. I call it, and I mean this completely earnestly, “carbonated sugar water.”

    It’s not a slam on the drink or the people who have it, mind – there’s just something about saying the words themselves that makes happy.

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  4. Where I grew up it was coke.
    “What kind of coke do you want, orange, grape or RC?” (usually colas were referred to by brandname and RC (Royal Crown) was widely considered the best).
    I only drink diet versions now (oddly referred to as ‘light’ in Europe…) and have referred to it as “Diet carbonated rat poison” a time or two….
    I also occasionally referred to the cheese powder they used(?) to make for popcorn as “Cheese flavored radioactive waste”
    Like many Americans I can take a kind of perverse pride in my high tolerance for extreme processed and nasty food… it’s not something I eat every day (or every week) but… yeah, I can down some pretty nasty stuff – thank you crappy American culinary traditions.


  5. That map doesn’t seem accurate. I did not have to adjust to people saying “coke” as a catchall when I moved. Maybe it’s just the part of the state I’m in?
    It’s “pop”, then maybe “soda” or “soda pop” (too much) but “Coke” is for actual coke, not something random like ginger ale.


    1. “That map doesn’t seem accurate”

      It’s over-simplified, especially for melting pot states like Florida… I’ll add that as a child I always said coke (along with my local age-peers) but some adults said ‘soda pop’ (or if they were real rednecks maybe sodie-pop… first word rhymes with Jody)


      1. And I misspoke. There were people in California who said soda-pop, that I heard, but what I was actually taught was “soft drink.”


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