Fishtank Cleaner Guy Update

Folks, did you see this derailed update on the fishtank cleaner guy and his fish wife called Wanda?

Fascinating stuff.

2 thoughts on “Fishtank Cleaner Guy Update”

  1. “derailed” indeed. 😉

    What I find most fascinating is that the headline isn’t ‘Mentally troubled wife suspected in poisoning death of man who died from drinking fish tank cleaner” but rather, the article spends the the first several paragraphs repeating what is clearly slander and libel, and only mentions his wife gave it to him in paragraph 5, and makes no point mentioning that her story makes no sense – that she says she mixed up the concoction, drank the same thing, and yet somehow isn’t dead. It’s like they leave a trail of crumbs but can’t bring themselves to draw any conclusions, such as ‘bitter crazy lady poisoned her husband and lied about it’ not even with an ‘allegedly’ tossed in there.


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