Do Tara Reade’s Allegations Matter?

I actually think that it doesn’t matter whether Tara Reade’s accusations are true.

I’m not going to vote for Biden under any scenario, so this is not partisan. I’m losing any interest in voting for Biden’s party ever again with every passing day, to be honest.

I think that Reade’s initial allegations of hair sniffling were true while the new ones about finger shoving aren’t.

But I don’t think it matters. It matters more than whatever was alleged against Brett Kavanaugh because Biden wasn’t a minor child at the time of the alleged events. He was in public life, a politician, and alleged to have abused an employee.

Still, I don’t think it matters because even if true, it was 30 years ago. What is the fear here? That Biden will start jumping on top of female employees if elected president? I don’t think the fellow can distinguish a woman from a potted plant at this point.

I sincerely don’t understand why the allegations that surfaced 2 minutes ago* about the events from before many voters were born are interesting or relevant. There are no criminal charges to be brought. The alleged victim didn’t think this was important enough to bring up until right now. And if she didn’t care, why should we?

I think there should be an expiration date on finger-shoving.

* I mean the assault allegations, not the original sniffing allegations about the kind of stuff that everybody has seen Biden do openly for decades.

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