How COVID Deaths Are Undercounted

Here’s some troubling news:

Ventura County’s coronavirus death toll increased to 16 on Thursday as county officials reported two additional deaths, including a 37-year-old man.

A 37-year-old! That’s very disturbing. And here we thought this was the disease that mostly affected the elderly.

Except there’s this (from the same article):

The man died as a result of a drug overdose while infected with COVID-19, a significant contributing condition, according to county spokeswoman Ashley Bautista. He is the youngest victim to die from the virus yet in the county. The other death recorded Thursday was a 99-year-old man.

So now drug addicts who overdose are considered COVID deaths. Of course, some states have evil Republican governors who forget to count every heroin overdose as COVID because they want us all to die immediately. That’s how COVID deaths get undercounted.

Here’s the link.

I very very highly recommend you look into who is dying and how the deaths are calculated where you live. I promise a lot of interesting discoveries like this one. I can’t post all of them because I have a life and a job (unlike many of the poor bastards who are being ruined by these inflated death counts). But please, please, pretty please read your local news sources.

Just for one week go on a news diet and read nothing on COVID except for scientific studies and local papers. Do it for the working classes you have spent your whole progressive life claiming to care about.

One thought on “How COVID Deaths Are Undercounted”

  1. Been following the local news on it closely. So far it’s really boring. 63 cases. 3% of the tests have come back positive, and they’re only testing people who are ill. No antibody testing here so far. 2 deaths: a 93yo man, and a 76yo woman. 10 hospitalizations.

    It is irritating that they are not telling us how many people are currently hospitalized. Only the cumulative total. Given how much hype is going around about not overwhelming hospitals, you’d think this would be an important thing to know. I want to know.

    My husband needs a simple hernia surgery. It is not life threatening, but it could become so at any time without warning. We are dreading trying to schedule it with all “elective” and non-emergency procedures canceled or delayed, (our hospital-employee friend furloughed indefinitely) will a hernia repair be important enough to get us in, or will we have to try scheduling it after the all-clear signal, when all three thousand people who’ve been waiting to have minor surgeries are all trying to schedule at once?

    In our county, at least, lockdown is working GREAT. Which means it’ll never end. Because we’re doing such a fantastic job of flattening the curve. Hooray.


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