Happy Birthday, David!

Happy birthday, David Bellamy!

I swear I thought today was the 25th, so let’s pretend it is for the moment.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, David!”

  1. Wow, thank you! I am old enough that I did not quite know how to answer your question last week about the first news story I remember from Television. I settled on the first one I remembered hearing on the radio, long before there was a TV set in my home.


    1. We have wished happy birthday to a conservative and to a progressive. Now all that’s left to complete the picture is to find somebody middle of the road to congratulate.

      And by the way, why am I so unpopular with women of this age group? In real life, they love me. But on the blog, the only older woman we’ve had was Nina Mishkin and she has withdrawn from the world of blogging for health reasons.


      1. “when your birthday is, Cliff, we won’t be able to celebrate it”

        I hope it’s not because you think I’m “middle of the road”… (I like to think of myself more as an eclectic extremist…)

        Let’s use my May 23 name day as a stand in (name days were traditionally a bigger deal than birthdays in Poland).


        1. You are like me, obnoxiously avoiding being pinned down to any simplistic category.

          Of course, there are people for whom anybody to the right of Che Guevara is a right-wing fascist.


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