Authoritarianism in Illinois

In his daily press conference on Sunday, April 26, Pritzker was asked about the possibility of individuals beginning to not follow guidelines under the stay at home order.

Pritzker said his office has discouraged police from charging those in violation of the order with a crime.

“If they refuse and if they repeatedly refuse, there is the ability by the police officers to charge them with reckless conduct and take them into custody,” Pritzker said. “Though again, we have discouraged police from doing that because we believe that people will, in general, follow the rules.”

And you have no idea how many subservient idiots here in Illinois are praising him as the best governor ever.

7 thoughts on “Authoritarianism in Illinois”

    1. The wording is strange on that prison article though, so I have a feeling something in there is misleading or inaccurate. How did they decide who to test? How many were tested overall? How many did have symptoms? How many hospitalized? Died?


  1. Mike DeWine, one of the governors who took swiftest action on this, is now looking to start reopening some things. Medical and dental stuff first, then distribution and manufacturing, construction, offices (working from home will be encouraged when possible though. And on the 12th, retail and (some) services. Masks will be mandatory for employees and customers (employer must provide them for employees, I think.) Nothing about restaurants, bars, salons, etc.

    As you know, I’m much more pro-lockdown and pro-social distancing than you. I still commend DeWine’s early and decisive actions to reduce the spread. But I’m fine with this reopening plan. Ohio has now passed its peak. We’re still keeping really crowded places like bars closed. If a second wave comes next winter, we can always take action again.


    1. That sounds like a great plan. I definitely don’t support a complete and instantaneous reopening of everything. But we need have some timeline for reopening, even if it’s very gradual.

      Here in Illinois we aren’t given any timeline. It’s messing with our university enrollments, which is undermining our budget, and it’s all Completely needless. Why not give us a provisional timeline, starting with “if the deaths continue to go down like they have been, we will open XYZ on such and such date….” That would really help.


      1. I’m also seeing a lot of people who were very sincere with the #metoo stuff and thought everyone else was too becoming disillusioned as they see the hypocrisy from liberal elites. My sister is especially disappointed.


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