Support Health Workers

As of now, there are 4 healthcare workers I personally know who have been fired from the large local hospital because of coronavirus.

All of these bullshit memes about how healthcare workers are our heroes and support healthcare workers are such a lie. There’s talk of the local hospital not being able to survive several months with no patients.

4 thoughts on “Support Health Workers”

    1. I don’t know about Illinois, but many states have banned elective surgeries and other procedures. That’s partly to maintain supplies of protective equipment for COVID patients and partly to avoid crowding in hospitals and clinics. I know it would be hard to social distance in some areas of our largest hospital on a normal day.


  1. All of this “respect” for health professionals has always been a lie, just like respect for “the troops” etc. Just take a look at how medical whistleblowers are treated, or at things like nurses being threatened with 3 months jail if they strike, as was done here in Australia a few years ago.

    Personally I can’t take most of it seriously anymore. A health crisis is going on, where all that seems to be happening is a lot of howling, and shoveling money at banks.


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