Public Health

Some places are actually tightening restrictions on outdoor activities:

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board announced Friday that it will close courts, athletic fields, playgrounds and skate parks by May 1 in an effort to limit groups from congregating in parks during the coronavirus pandemic.

The restrictions will include removing or blocking basketball rims, removing tennis and volleyball nets, and posting signs notifying park visitors that soccer fields, playgrounds and skate parks are closed.

Given that 80-year-olds don’t come out to shoot hoops en masse and the teenagers who do are at a much, much greater risk from obesity and obesity-related illnesses, I sincerely believe that only the stupidest person in the world believes that this is about public health.

4 thoughts on “Public Health”

    1. “but I can see t least a sweat-transfer rationale for basketball”

      Is there any evidence it can be passed by sweat-transfer? AFAIK just about all the cases where the genesis is known can be traced to prolonged encounters in places without the free flow of air…

      I think the disease is real and dangerous for a small part of the population…. but government policy has long stopped being about protecting them…

      I can’t stop thinking that government policy is about inflicting the climate girl model of extreme austerity on the population (and the US model they’ve been pushing of living in pods and eating bugs).

      I had hopes that Europe might be less dysfunctional in this regard than the US but the EU’s big plan is basically more of the same policies that through the southern part of the continent into eternal poverty.


      1. I haven’t seen any reason to think sweat-transfer is a way to get infected, but we’re dealing with politicians and bureaucrats, not scientists. If your core assumption is bodily fluids = COVID cooties… (shrugs). Meanwhile, sure, go ahead and deprive everybody of fresh air and sunshine, make sure they stay indoors as much as possible. Sigh.

        Normal Americans have no concept of how bad their hermetically sealed, carpeted, upholstered, climate-controlled houses and businesses are, for their health.


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