The Worst Governor

California will be closing down all state parks and beaches starting on May 1 and deploying police against the non-compliant

While it’s gratifying to know that my governor isn’t the craziest bastard in the whole country, it’s sad to see how easily the narrative of “we are pro-science” is discarded.

Poll: Reading Lineup

I’ve made this sticky to let everybody vote. Scroll down for new posts.

We haven’t had any polls in a while, so let’s do one. There’s nothing else to do but read books but here’s a dilemma, which one to read first?

I’ll read all of them, so you are not thwarting any reading opportunities by making a choice. But where to start?

Walmart Observations

The entire Walmart store is open, including the parts that have nothing to do with food or anything anybody would call “essential.” The store is swarming with people. I had to push through a crowd of women congregating around discounted pink t-shirts.

And it’s great. I’m all for people buying pink t-shirts. Or whatever other crap they think they urgently need.

What I don’t get is why the bookstore is closed. It was never even remotely as crowded as Walmart. And it’s not that hard to make an argument that books are at least as essential as pink t-shirts.

Next door to Walmart is my favorite locally owned clothing store. They have the best clothes, nothing like the crap at Walmart. Great prices, great styles. I’ve been going for years, and I’ve never been inside with more than 2 other customers. It’s not crowded at all. Why can’t it open? Walmart will survive but this store, owned by a local African American family, probably won’t.

Walmart and Home Depot are even more crowded than usual because people who would be dispersed throughout many stores are now crowding these two.

This is very stupid.

On the positive side, I bought three pairs of summer shoes for Klara and paid $15 altogether.

Let’s Help the Elderly

The coronavirus is a very deadly disease. To people in their 80s. And these are precisely the people we are doing absolutely nothing to help. All of the inane whining of “don’t kill grandma” masks a complete lack of interest in what actually happens to grandma. We are wasting a ton of resources in efforts to protect the people who aren’t at risk and doing nothing for the elderly who are.

We will come to our senses eventually, pretend that “testing” magically eliminated the virus, and leave quarantine. Since absolutely nothing has been done to address the horrific mortality among the elderly, they will start dying again.

The nursing home model needs to start getting dismantled today. And people who really want to help should get on that instead of the ridiculous clapping to bored, underworked, or furloughed nurses.

Lonely Graduates

Sad college graduates sneak into the park to take selfies of themselves in their caps and gowns.

My own college graduation back in 2003 meant a lot, and I feel bad for these kids who lost their only chance to walk across the stage and have everybody cheer. There are now only fake graduation photos they had to stage in loneliness.

Verbal Contortions

The poor bastards keep trying:

This is comedy gold.

And now a little exercise. Ask 3 friends who Tara Reade is. I tried and nobody had a clue. It sounds hard to believe but people sincerely don’t know. Because nobody is telling them.

We laugh but these bastards at WashPo are winning.