Lonely Graduates

Sad college graduates sneak into the park to take selfies of themselves in their caps and gowns.

My own college graduation back in 2003 meant a lot, and I feel bad for these kids who lost their only chance to walk across the stage and have everybody cheer. There are now only fake graduation photos they had to stage in loneliness.

7 thoughts on “Lonely Graduates”

  1. My daughter was to be married in a lovely chapel and have her reception outside on the lawn, on May 30. Our governor decided to keep the whole state on lockdown through the 31. It was to be in Marin County: Confirmed Cases: 226; Deaths: 12; 2 people in the hospital. That’s it – that’s what we’re shutting down for.

    I’m seeing red.


      1. This morning, we have an understandably weepy daughter, who has been on the phone with the priest who was to do the wedding, and he might be able to do Mass in his own (unfortunately ugly) church, with all sorts of insane restrictions. Not going to be the occasion intended – 10 ppl(?) in church, spread out, no choir, no friends, who knows what other insanity – and it’s still too early to point out how great a story it will make for any kids they might have, which might be the only redeeming thing…

        We’re encouraging her to invite 50-60 people over to our house (leaving their cell phones at home – Big Brother has threatened to track us down by our GPS) afterwards. Let the expletive cops come, because they will be hauling me off in cuffs if they try to break it up.


  2. Despite my even too numerous degrees, I’ve never attended a college graduation ceremony . Thought to attend this last one this summer despite graduating without a thesis (but the only academic degree I truly loved studying and completed with honors), but now it seems unlikely. My mother and brother were also supposed to come.


    1. Congratulations! And I’m so sorry you can’t go. This really sucks.

      A friend was supposed to get married in Turkey in May. Had made elaborate plans, everything was booked, etc. And not only is the wedding cancelled, she and the groom don’t know when they’ll be reunited because he’s stuck in Turkey.


  3. Btw, today is Israeli Independence Day (Yom Haatzmaut): “Israel celebrates 72 years of independence”

    Probably unlike many here, I hope our junior high and high schools don’t reopen for quite a while (kindergartens and grades 1-3 return to schools this Sunday). I am not afraid for myself, but my mother is in a risk group because of her age. Many high school teachers are in their 60ies or even older. High school students aren’t small kids, so can transmit this virus just fine, I believe.

    This situation creates pressure on school principals and other authorities not to let older teachers work after they reach pension age, or even earlier. 😦 Hope they find a vaccine soon.


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