Mysterious Hispanics

I don’t understand, who are all these Spanish speakers on the blog who are desperate for me to read yet another novel in Spanish?

I’m glad to read it (if it doesn’t get outvoted by the morning) but who are the mysterious Hispanic friends?

7 thoughts on “Mysterious Hispanics”

    1. I think I should keep it secret then that it’s about the Spanish Civil War. :-)))

      The only one who doesn’t fit on the list is Baldwin. The rest is about different kinds of totalitarianism.


  1. To be honest, I was at work and just voted for the title I thought was coolest.

    Though now that I’ve had time to look them up I might have voted for that one, anyway. :p


  2. I didn’t vote. But I want you to read more Spanish novels, because I tried so hard to learn Spanish while I was in South America, and I still suck at it. All my vocabulary is about babies and food. It makes me happy that other people have successfully learned Spanish… maybe someday I’ll get better. I feel I’m getting a peek into books I can’t read, when you talk about them.


      1. Naturally, I do not comment on those posts, because I’ve nothing to add, not having read the books 😉 But I do read and enjoy those posts. And I am still puzzling over “chiciguapas” . I need to know that word.


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